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Program Philosophy

Here at BEEP we believe that high quality early care and education depends upon a consistent and safe environment. Within a safe, age appropriate and engaging environment, children learn, explore and make choices as they experience the world in which they live and its challenges. Our program helps each individual child develop to their fullest potential in the following four areas of development: social/emotional, cognitive, language, and physical. We believe that each child’s interests are to be respected and built upon. We believe it is very important to foster curiosity, experimentation and trust. We strive to help inspire and foster the education of each child in our program through play.

The role of our teachers is to provide encouragement and at times guide the children. We strive to provide an environment where each child has opportunities to participate in both planned and spontaneous activities. Our staff provides a variety of activities and experiences appropriate to the children’s age level so they have the opportunities they need to grow and develop in a healthy way. We recognize that in a child’s life, the family is of the most importance. Our communication with the child’s family helps us understand and support their child’s needs on a physical and emotional level. While your child is in our program it is our job to provide the opportunity for each child to learn, grow, explore and have fun.

We believe that the outdoor classroom is a very important aspect to your child’s development. We work to provide your child with the time to explore the outdoor classroom and manipulate the natural materials of the world they live in. We believe that nature is an integral, joyful part of your child’s daily learning. While our outdoor classroom is being developed within this coming year, our staff will work to provide your child with time to explore the natural world through the space we have and field trips within the area.


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The infant program serves children from the age of six weeks until the age of 24 months. The program is designed to promote feelings of belonging and the loving care which help infants and toddlers to grow and develop to their full potential. Within the infant/toddler program we utilize consistency of care. This means that each teacher gives primary care to four of the eight children in the class. This is to provide a sense of security, consistency, and support. While all teachers work as a team in the care of all children the primary caregiver of each child works closely with that child’s parents/guardians. This provides the best opportunity for an attachment to form and communication to be open and strong. Children eat, sleep, and play according to his or her own schedule. Every child is an individual with unique abilities, desires and emotions. Our program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and to provide them with educational experiences. In our infant/toddler classroom, we provide a creative and stimulating program which encourages visual, language, social/emotional, cognitive, gross motor and small motor experiences to enhance learning through their own natural curiosity. Our qualified and professional teachers will guide and encourage your child in every stage of his or her development. We firmly believe in the need for open and thorough communication between teachers and each family to provide loving care for each child and confidence for each parent.

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The preschool program serves children from the age of 25 months through the age of five. The program is designed to prepare children socially/emotionally, physically, verbally, cognitively and academically for ongoing success. The program also supports and encourages the development of independence, responsibility, and confidence, which are also essential skills for the child’s ongoing success. Our educational program focuses on each child’s social/emotional, cognitive, language and physical development by offering concrete, hands-on activities for the child to explore. The toddler and preschool curriculum is designed to actively engage each child in developmentally age appropriate activities exploring the content areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts and technology. Our skilled teachers prepare curriculum that is exciting and challenging, as well as supportive of each child’s own learning style. Our toddler/preschool room arrangement creates the optimum learning environment. It allows children easy access to educational toys, materials and books, enabling them to initiate and expand their activities. Every child is provided the opportunity to rest their body; we do not require your child to sleep. Our non-nappers will be provided with quiet activities. Each child is provided with their own cot to rest on.

Each classroom is organized with areas for block play, manipulative toys, art creativity, dramatic play, discovery, and reading in addition to larger spaces for group activities.

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Downloadable Documents:

Parent Handbook


Emergency Preparedness Plan 

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BOCES Early Education Program welcomes all families into our programs.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services. BOCES Early Education Program also prohibits sexual harassment.  This non-discrimination policy covers admission, access, and treatment. We welcome the enrollment of families and children with disabilities and will make reasonable accommodations in accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act.